Do fat camels fly?

Been through Hell and high places
seen the Heavenly Gates
travelled the Worlds with no names, yet
our abode on firm earth still remains…

Pearl like gaze upon me
from the locked Paradise
sees my faith take leaps

– do fat camels fly?

Is this real at all? Am I just your dream?
Illusions of existence…
Dreams, within the web of dreams?

Writing some of this down:
seems like a good deed, at least for me.
But for some others; if they may at all be…
These are but big, fat lies – see?

Inside the skull of this madman
there might just exists a key
to unlock *SLASH* unravel
the Door to mysteries
that remain
within Thee.

Thou eyes now stare at me.
They a’blaze: blue beams.
Like brand new Suns;
they brothers – we siblings:

see? all is but 1

bytes be like zero,
that, or


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